OAP Kayla Oniwo and toxic friendship, relationship


On-Air Personality, Kayla Oniwo took to Instagram to share a piece of advice on toxic relationships which according to her maybe within families, friends, partners and business partners.

Sharing her own experience, OAP Kayla Oniwo recalled being drained emotionally, mentally and physically without knowing she had toxic people around her.She wrote;

As I grow older , Its more evident that there’s something new to learn and un-learn daily . This week , I would like you read about #toxicpeople and when you discover that you have toxic friendships or relationships, please try and disassociate from them , the truth is some people aren’t even aware they are toxic . Toxic relationships can be within Families , friends , partners , business partners and many more

By personal experience, I never think they are until I’m drained out emotionally, mentally and physically. In order to enjoy this thing called life , your peace and happiness cannot be taken for granted .

The signs of toxic people are pretty much a combination of being manipulative, controlling, self-centered , judgmental, rarely apologetic ( I know some who do) , constantly putting others down ( often times directly or indirectly).


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