Nnamdi Kanu sends stern warning to people planning not to sit at home on May 30


The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu has said anyone that refuses to sit at home on May 30th deserves to be stoned to death.

The leader expressed his grievances that the Nigerian Government passed a bill recognizing June 12 as Democracy Day in honour of MKO Abiola but turned against the remembrance of millions of Igbo killed during the war.

According to him, Biafrans are going to sit at home on 30th May to remember and honour over 3.5m Biafrans killed by Britain through Nigeria.

Kanu made this known in a live broadcast from London, on Thursday, saying: “They passed a bill today to recognise and honour June 12 because of one man, then turn against IPOB for honouring 6 million victims of genocide and those that fought to save those of us who are alive today.


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