Nigerian Policemen feed fat in couple’s messy divorce, seek to manipulate UK Police


A love story, which started in Nigeria between two lovers, leading to marriage, has degenerated into divorce, power play, blackmail, accusations and counter-accusations.

Caught in the middle of this drama are the Metropolitan and Nigerian police.

While the Metropolitan police are presently looking at the merit of extraditing the man identified as Bankole, their Nigerian counterparts are lining their pockets.

It was learnt that the Nigerian policemen, who are investigating the marital issue, have allegedly been extorting the estranged couple, Bankole, and his former wife, Eileen.

While the policemen allegedly collected money from the woman to ensure that her former lover was extradited from UK, the policemen turned to Bankole demanding money to stop his extradition.

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The policemen, who are pulling these strings, are attached to the Police Interpol Section, Force Headquarters, Abuja.

The Force Public Relations Officer and Deputy Commissioner of Police, Frank Mba, while expressing anger over the policemen shenanigans, said he had received a complaint from Bankole on the issue and vowed to fish out the policemen.

Mba, while elaborating on supposed extradition documents sent to UK Police, said: “If there is a serious crime, the security of a country will have to collaborate with the other countries in the operation process, that is, after the two countries have investigated and come to an agreement.

“Extradition does not involve the case of husband and wife, except it has to do with murder, fraud.


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