Nigerian almost lynched after paying N30 for a plate of meal in Kano

The Nigerian Minister of Agriculture, Muhammad Sabo Nanono, had few days ago, said there is no hunger in the country and that food is so cheap in Nigeria that with N30, one can eat to satisfaction in a canteen in a state like Kano. Read here.

Well, a Nigerian man took his word for it and went to a canteen in Kano state this morning, ordered for so much, ate to his satisfaction and paid the food vendor N30. He told the food vendor that the Honorable Minister said with N30, he can eat to his satisfaction.

He was lucky to leave the place without an injury as the food vendor and his friends almost beat him up.

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Journalist, Gimba Kakanda, who shared a video from the scene on Twitter, wrote

This citizen took a cue from the Minister of Agriculture, Sabo Nanono, who said that one can eat N30 worth of food in Kano and be satisfied. What happened when he decided to pay N30 for the meal is what attracted this mob threatening to beat him up. The poor chap even told them that he got the information on the new price of food from Sabo Nanono, and one of the mob asked if Nanono was the food vendor’s father.”.


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