Neymar punches fan and Kylian Mbappe sent off as PSG beaten in French Cup final

After the game, Neymar got into an altercation with what appeared to be a spectator, who as the video shows said something that allegedly bothered them, and Neymar looked to grab his phone before the man took evasive action. It appears thereafter Neymar struck him on the chin with a quick jab.

Whether this will lead to punishment of some kind for Neymar is yet to be seen. The Brazilian has already been banned from the Uefa Champions League for three matches after he posted on Instagram criticisism of match officials in charge of the French club’s defeat to Manchester United in March.

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The Brazil international will miss the first three games of next season’s Champions League group stage.

PSG’s Neymar, left, seen arguing with Rennes goalkeeper Tomas Koubek, right, made his first start in three months after injury. Thibault Camus / AP Photo

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