My ‘Stupiditiy’ In MzGee Interview Gave Me The Publicity I Needed — Wendy Shay Fires Back At Her Critics


RuffTown Records is one label which thrives on controversies. Way back to the time of the sensational Ebony Reigns, their acts are always getting into some controversial issue which generates massive publicity and keeps them trending for weeks.

Since the death of Ebony Reigns and emergence of Wendy Shay, CEO Bullet has kept this model running, and within the few months that Ghanaians has known her Wendy Shay has been embroiled in controversy after controversy, the most notable of course being when she showed off her nasty, krodoso riddled botors to traumatized Ghanaians.

Shay recently found herself in the midst of another media storm after she dubbed a question from Joy News’ MzGee as ‘dumb’ and Ghanaians descended on her for being dumb herself.

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