My husband takes good care of me – Jasmine Baroudi

Ghanaian actress Jasmine Baroudi said in an interview commending her husband for taking good care of her and their baby.

Jasmine Baroudi struggled to get pregnant due to sudden complications and after some medications, she finally conceived with her Personal trainer boyfriend then.

She noticed him on Instagram and approached. They met at the gym where she wanted to start working out and the two kicked it off. They started talking and getting intimate after 3 months when her contract had ended.

There were lots of speculations surrounding her pregnancy and people wondered if her ‘gym instructor’ boyfriend could take care of her and her baby.

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The actress came out to say that her now husband takes care of her. She was asked in an interview if she thought a Personal trainer in Ghana was paid enough to take care of a baby and the actress said: “Since i got pregnant till now, there is nothing that I have asked him for that he has failed to give me and our daughter”.

According to the actress they are family now and she can confidentally say he makes more money than she probably does.

She continued by saying “He is doing well. He is doing well for us so what is there to complain about?”

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Jasmine later confirmed that she is not materialistic so she does not ask her husband for anything to enhance her looks like other celebrities do.

She confessed her love for her husband and said she was happy and that’s all that matters to her.


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