My hatred for the male Gynaecologist

By Evangelist Samoa Mensa

A married female friend confined in me and shared with me her woes during her regular antenatal appointment with the obstetrician when she took in seed. She calls him “my gynaecologist” therefore I am sure he doubles as one too.

She said “I almost did it”. For most females to say ‘almost’ when it comes to issues of sex, then one rather ought to accept it like that other than to probe further to try to know more about the details of the harassment, romance and love making.

This is an innocent lady I have known since her childhood. I am even sure she married while she was still a virgin at age 24. She is a good and honest person. She certainly must have been lured into this bad act by this gynaecologist.

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This was not the first time a lady had told me about this ill encounter with a male health officer. As I was reflecting on how this wedded young lady had been deceived to break her wedding vows, by being unfaithful to her lovely husband, increasingly, I developed hatred for her male gynaecologist. How could he cause a married woman to carry such bad omen to her matrimonial home?

Although it may only be a handful of male obstetricians and gynaecologists who are into such acts, these few ones are are really harassing and flirting with our ‘husbands’ wives’.

I felt sharp rebuke in my heart when thoughts of hatred came into my mind. I pleaded in my heart to be forgiven by God. I therefore do not have to hate them. Then, please God, Have Mercy on the male obstetrician and gynaecologist.

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Partly, I blame some wives for disgracing their matrimonial bed and dignity as a wife and mother with such acts. Wives have to be careful with Medical Doctors who are chanced or privy to their private parts in the name of medical care. It is a sin, actually very sinful for a wife to have an affair in the form of kissing, romance and any other form of sexual satisfaction whether in mind, in heart or by action outside the wedlock.

To the suspected fraction of obstetricians and gynaecologists who may be into such acts with our mothers, wives, sisters, aunties and female friends, please it is high time you stopped exploiting them. I don’t think God ever gave to you special healing fingers to dance your way through their private parts. Please be professional with your work and repent from your sins.

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Although I am about to sign out, I have just remembered about how a female gynaecologist can be dangerous than her male colleague. What about the female gynaecologist who is into lesbianism? Then, please forgive me, my male brothers.

May God have mercy on us all.

Jesus says “Turn away from your sins, for the Kingdom of God is near.”

Come to Jesus now and you shall be saved. God bless you.


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