Must Read!!! Three types of men a woman should never date

Here are some types of men you should leave behind as you step into the new year, and hopefully to a happier, healthier relationship.

1. The men who need you to feel small

Call it insecurity and a lack of self-confidence, but there are men who need you to be small so they can feel bigger than you. So you tone down your ambition, success, and self-pride just to make them feel better around you. But if you have to stoop to get your ideal man, then he’s not the guy for you. Stand tall. Embrace your achievements. Be proud of what you have accomplished and enter the new year with your head held high.

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2. The men who aren’t feminists

If your partner thinks you’re making too much noise when all you’re doing is fighting for fairness and gender equality, he’s not the man for you. We’re assuming you’re planning to build a life and perhaps a family with this person. What will you teach your children if your fundamental beliefs as a woman are something your partner does not even care to grasp?

3. Men who ask for more than you can give

There are relationships that drain you emotionally and physically. These partners keep asking for patience, understanding, loyalty and all types of favours while they bring nothing tangible to the table.

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If you’re being asked for too much in a relationship and your own needs are ignored, you’re on a fast track to unhappiness and even depression.



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