Must read!!! Seven signs to know that he is the right man

Most women find it difficult to know who is the right man for them, most especially when they have a long list of guys on them.

We have put down these signs to help you determine, if he is the guy you should tie a knot with:

1. He loves you for who you are:

You are not perfect, you can get really messy and moody but he still loves you. If he appreciates the person you are and does not insist on changing your personality, he sure will make a great life partner.

2. He is your best friend

Who wouldn’t want to spend the rest of their lives with their best friends? If he is the closest person you have, you discuss the silliest of things, fight and make up like nothing had happened, marry him.

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3. He respects you

You might love him with all you got. But does he respect you? See, even when love will not be as intense as it was in the beginning, respect will still hold you together. So if you both love each other and he respects you and the things you do, he makes a perfect husband.

4. He can say anything to you

If it’s real, your boyfriend will be free to open up to you about anything at any time. You will talk about finances freely, no secrets, and no judging. Got such a guy? Marry him.

5. He listens to you

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If he listens to you patiently without judging you, you will love spending your life with him. Besides, every woman loves a man who can listen to all their grievances and fears.

6. You have similar values

You might adore each other but if your values are like heaven and earth, you will never get along. But if you both want the same things such as having kids, similar religious beliefs, the two of you will be great together.

7. He makes you happy

He might not be a talented comedian, but if he makes you laugh, smile and does little things that make you happy, chances are that you will never regret marrying him.

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