Must Read!!! How to know your woman is cheating on you

It might be harder for a guy to figure out that his wife or girlfriend is cheating than it is for a woman to figure out if a man is cheating. With that in mind, here are some signs guys can watch for that may be an indication that she’s cheating on you.

(1) New secrets


Sometimes a cheating partner will get a bit tight-lipped about her schedule and not be quite as open about her plans as she once was. This could be a red flag because she’d rather leave you in the dark about her whereabouts if she’s planning hook-ups with the other guy.

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(2) She’s watching you


If she suddenly starts to show more interest in your schedule and the plans you have it might be a sign that she is keeping closer tabs on you so she knows when it will be safe to be with the other guy. Showing up at her place unexpectedly when you are “supposed” to be somewhere else is a great way to find out if she is keeping tabs on you for the wrong reasons.

(3) A Feeling


Sometimes we just get “that feeling” that something isn’t quite right. It isn’t always reliable, but if you find yourself feeling a little suspicious, it might be warranted. Women are renowned for their intuition, but sometimes guys can pick up on things as well. It might be because your subconscious is picking up on little signs that you are not conscious of.

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(4) Working late


This excuse is about as old as the hills, but could still be an indication that something’s up. If it’s possible to call her at work using some other number than her cell phone, it should be easy enough to call at some point when she is working late and see if she is actually there. If she’s cheating with someone at work, you may not learn anything this way.

(5) Suspicious contacts

If she’s suddenly become a bit more private about the phone calls, text messages and e-mail messages she receives, there may be a good reason for it. If she gets an unexpected phone call from a guy she’s cheating with, there’s a good chance her behavior will give her away. Whether or not you want to start snooping around on her phone or computer to find out for sure is a call only you can make.

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