Must Read!!! How to discover what you want in a relationship

There are basically different ways to find out what you want in a relationship, so you don’t end up confused.

The following are things you must consider going into any relationship.

1.List the things you don’t want

We assume you’re not new to this dating game. So think about some of your exes’ traits that irked you when you were with them. Give a second thought to what led to the breakup. What were those things that had you questioning if this guy was for you? When you start listing the things you don’t want, all that’s left may give you a picture of what you do want.

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2. Have a relationship role-model

It doesn’t even have to be a real-life couple. Couples in movies, books and TV shows will do just fine. Ask yourself what you love about them. What about the guy appeals to you? His career, his unwavering support for his partner, his looks? Get as specific as possible. And don’t forget to write down what it is about the couple that you don’t like too.

3. Let your imagination run wild

Our mind always takes us much further than we will ever reach. So, take advantage of this limitless opportunity by using your imagination. Call it daydreaming or fantasizing, when you start to imagine your ideal relationship scenario, you’ll quickly notice a pattern.

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