Must Read!!! How to differentiate between lust and love

It is almost difficult to know when you are in love with someone and when you are in lust with someone, because sometimes deceit tends to come in between both parties and it might be hard to know when it is lost or love.

1. You dress to impress

Not that you don’t need to dress up when meeting a person you truly love. But then, if your main aim when dressing up is to impress your partner, you should think twice about it. When you are in love, sometimes you will just put on some ordinary outfits like T-shirt and jeans because you are certain that your partner won’t love you less just because of your dressing.

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2. You tell them what they want to hear

In true love, you will tell your partner the truth regardless of how hurting it may be. You want them to be better and you just can‘t lie to them to please them. On the other hand, if you tell your partner things that they only want to hear because you don’t want to hurt them, then you are just in lust.

3. It’s more about sex

Sex is also part of true love. Even so, if you are more into sex with your partner and would rather not get into deep conversations with them, that couldn’t be love.

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4. You hardly know them

All you know is that you are so attracted to them and you can’t wait to be with them. But even when you are together, you never talk much. You hardly know them because that doesn’t feel important, at least not for now. That means you don’t care about their other aspects because you are only attracted to them physically.

5. You leave shortly after sex

Instead of cuddling after sex or sleeping over, you are ever in a rush to dress up and leave. Why? Because it feels really uncomfortable and everything else changes once you have intercourse.

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6. You don’t talk about your feelings

You will discuss sports, politics, latest movies but you never talk about the feelings you have for each other. You don’t even know where to begin because you most likely can’t even describe the feelings. You are hesitant to tell your partner you love them because deep inside, you know it’s surely not love.



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