Must Read!!! Five things you must never do after a break up

Most times, people tend to make mistakes after a hard break up, also finding it difficult to move on, so they do some awful things after a heart break, that tends to put themselves on a bad side of the divide.

The following are five things you must never get involved in after a broken relationship.

1. Social media shades

“It’s crazy how some people cannot even act right in a relationship.”

Don’t post such message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

You might not mention names, but we all know you are talking about the babe or guy you just broke up with.

2. Tarnishing their image

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Don’t publish their nude pictures or reveal secrets that might embarrass them. Doing so only makes you look petty, and of course petty is not what you want to be known as.

3. Asking for gifts back

There are only fewer things more childish and sillier than this. Why should you ask for a gift back after you have given it to someone? No matter how you look at it, no matter how expensive the gift is, just take your mind off it.

4. Endless drinking

Ok. If you like to drown the pain away like that, you are permitted to drink away the misery for one night. No more.

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Continuous, uninhibited drinking over a guy/girl that broke your heart is not tasteful, and as an adult who is responsible, you should be thinking of better ways to get through this than drinking yourself into more gloom.

5. Taking drama to their place of work

This sounds totally crazy but it happens. Believe me, guys, it happens.

However, you must never take personal matters such as this to anyone’s office or place of work, no matter how hurt you are, or how desperately you want them back.



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