Must Read!!! 5 ways to restore a boring s*x life in marriage


Some couples sex lives have been affected by time, responsibilities and other activities, We have highlighted five longlasting solutions provided by therapists who have been able to help couple get past similar issues.

1. Stop assuming your partner is uninterested in sex

According to Gracie Landes, a New York based sex therapist, couples need to reach out to each other, even it looks as if the other is disinterested in having sexual intercourse at the moment.

“Long-term couples need to plan intimacy dates, bringing back that positive anticipation about being together,” she explains.

2. Schedule love-making sessions

Because couples might become really busy and involved in many time consuming activities which tend to put a strain on their sex lives, arranging a kind of sex time table might be their only genuine chance of keeping the sex in their marriage alive.

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Michael Aaron, another New York based therapist says he advises couples advises to schedule sex.

“This includes not only blocking time, but planning out all of the details. Creating quality experiences requires foresight and planning, right down to negotiating specific sex acts,” he says.


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