Must Read!!! 5 Facts About The Female Brain That Men Should Know

Brains are the same but there are differences in how brain of a man and a woman works, we have outlined a fee pointers to help you understand that the female brain differs from its male counterpart.

(1) Roundtrip

Unlike males, females are destined to go through adolescence twice. It happens as one would normally expect when a girl becomes a woman, but she then faces another round when she experiences what is known as perimenopause, which usually occurs when she is in her forties. This condition can cause erratic hormonal changes that might make a woman as prone to mood swings as a teenager.

(2) Anxiety

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Medical research has proven that the male and female brain react to anxiety quite differently. Females may be more sensitive to fear and anxiety, which actually may be beneficial since women may be less prone to focusing too intently on the object of their fear or anxiety and stay more aware and open.

(3) More passive aggression

Women often express aggression differently than men. While guys are more likely to lash out with physical violence, women express aggressive behavior in an entirely different way. Instead of raising a fist, a woman is more likely to use her head and approach the situation more diplomatically.

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(4) Psychic powers

Women’s intuition is not just a myth, in fact, scientists theorize that women may have a sort of “sixth sense” that developed over the ages as women gave birth to and cared for children. It can be pretty hard to figure out what’s bothering a crying baby, so in response, women may have developed that intuition that men just don’t have simply because they needed it.

(5) Ever-changing

Both men and women are subject to changes due to hormone levels, but females are particularly vulnerable to these changes because their hormone levels are always in flux. A woman’s reproductive system and its monthly cycle subject the brain to an ever-changing flow of hormones, which play a key role in her behavior.

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