Miracle!!! Woman survives death penalty after 13 years in prison

A woman miraculous got off prison after 13 years, she was sentenced to life imprisonment for a crime she knew nothing about.

The story was narrated her story at a Redeemed church branch in Lagos, the woman revealed that in July 2001, when she was a final year law student, she dated a young lecturer who promised to marry her.

She was liked by a particular student ,who also wanted to date her but she declined after she found out he was a cultist.

On that fateful day (July 31, 2001), some cultists stormed the home of her lecturer boyfriend and killed him in her presence.

The family of the deceased lecturer accused the lady of being their accomplice as she was asked to name the cultists involved in the murder. She told them she didn’t know the cultists because they were masked.

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The lady was later arrested and arraigned for conspiracy because nobody was caught. She was later sentenced to death.

She revealed that her father died after she was sentenced to death and her mother stood strongly by her after selling some of their properties to follow up the case.

After waiting many years for her execution, the lady was later discharged and acquitted on the 12th of July, 2013 after she was found innocent.

The woman who is now married – just welcomed a new baby few months ago and decided to share her story to the world.

Source: tsb.com.ng


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