Meet 5 of the most mysterious people of all time


There are different history of people who are celebrated today despite the fact that their true personality is yet uncovered. Today, we will reveal a list of important individuals whose true identity is still unknown.

(1) Zodiac Killer

Ever wondered if a man can boast of killing people and never get caught? That is the Zodiac Killer – a renowned serial killer, known for contacting the police and sending them ciphered notes in a way of teasing and taunting them. This guy would always brag about how many people he had murdered without leaving any clues

(2) D.B. Cooper

Ever heard of anyone who got away with the perfect crime? Sure you have. That’s D.B. Cooper. The only man in the history of US aviation that successfully hijacked a plane and got away with it. He hijacked a Boeing 727 en-route from Washington to Oregon in 1971 under the alias “D.B. Cooper”. He demanded for $200,000 (which is more than a million dollars today) and threatened to blow off the explosives in his briefcase if his demand was called a bluff.

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Immediately the US government met to his demands and he then simply parachuted out of the plane, but was never seen again.

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