Married man caught having s**x in a hotel

A married man was caught in the very act of having sex at Guest house in Kalinganga area of Zambia with a 26 year-old woman.

The man indentified as Mr. Gilbert Kanyenga, was caught having sex with his lover after his wife was informed that her husband was at Mayela guest house.

Mrs. Kanyenga reportedly went with a machete ready to attack the two before the lady in question pleaded for forgiveness while claiming that she was lied to.

The side chick identified as Molody Mbewe who was visibly afraid after seeing the machete – struggled to explain why she was found with a married man in a guest house.

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“This man lied to me that he was not married, he told me the wife died in 2004. He told me that he could not take me to his house because his mother was around. Please madam forgive me. This is my last time” she pleaded.

Asked how much she was given and to produce the money before the wife, Molody said she was only given a k150 (about N4,300) for her hair.

“He told me he will give me a K300 (about N8,700), but he has only given me a K150. He said the other money will be given within this week” she said.

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“I’m taking all your clothes, i would have harmed you both but its no use. I hope you have tested your statuses before this act, ” the angry wife said as she left.



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