Man finds dead mouse inside pack of cooked rice

A dead mouse was found inside a cooked packet of Pilau rice, this left the customer who was looking forward to quench his hunger in big shock.

Mr Leech tweeted the picture to Lidl with the caption: ‘Hi LidlUK, I wonder if you could let me know how this mouse got into my packet of rice. Now my house stinks of cooked mouse and my wife is uncontrollable vomiting.’

According to the Lidl website, the Golden Sun Microwaveable Pilau Rice packet costs 45p.

A member of the supermarket’s team responded to Mr Leech and said: ‘Hi Rich, sorry to see this. If you pop us a DM with your contact details, we’ll get this looked into for you.’

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It is unclear how the mouse managed to get into the packet of rice but it is been investigated.



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