Man commits Suicide after he discovered his wives were cheating on him

It was the end of the road for a  40-year-old Zimbabwean man identified as Jotham Chakawa who committed suicide after re realized his two wives were allegedly cheating on him.

According to reports, Jotham Chakawa killed himself after suspecting his two wives, who happen to be sisters, were engaged in two separate adulterous affairs.

Chakawa is reported to have previously made two attempts to kill himself after suspecting that his wives Letwin Gwena (27) and Sekai Gwena (19) were covering for each other in their affairs.

Chakawa committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in his own home town just before supper.

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The incident was confirmed by Masvingo Police Spokesperson, Chief Inspector Charity Mazula.

No postmortem was conducted on the body because the police were said not to have fuel to transport the body.

Source: Linda Ikeji


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