Lydia Forson takes a swipe at people who fake their lifestyles on social media

Ghanaian actress Lydia Forson has taken a swipe at people who live fake lives on social media just for the clout.

There have been several assertions by celebrities of how people especially celebrities fake luxurious lifestyle on social media but are struggling in real life.

Many have advised social media users not to be envious of people living a flashy lifestyle on the internet because they are better than most of them in real life.

Well, Lydia Forson has also added her voice to the manner people keep faking on social media to deceive others.

According to Lydia Forson, most people try to look successful or rich on social media but they can not afford to feed themselves in real life.

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Taking to her Twitter handle, Lydia Forson wrote:

”Social media. So many people spend money, time and energy trying to look “successful” on social media, but they can’t afford Gari… Imagine if you actually put those resources into making something of yourself. You’d rather “look” rich than be rich??”


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