Lessons learnt from the great people around me (2)

By Tendai Mungate

Inspired to Unleash the Hidden Potential within You to Achieve Greatness–Tendai Mungate

In Lessons from Great People l know 1. l talked about three great people that l have learnt from. In this article l will feature four of the great people l have learnt from that have shaped my life. Learning is a daily thing for me. Wherever l go l make it my mission to learn quietly, ask questions and write what l learn.

Lesson from Victor Zirima
Victor MsaraZirima known as Vicmusic is a very close friend of mine. We met in February 2017 and since thenwe have been like brothers. Victor is also my classmate here in college. Victor is a talented musician. He is a song writer, singer, acoustic guitar player. He sings music that inspires, teaches, and empowers you. He is not those musicians that just sing for fame nope he sings to inspire. What l have learnt from Victor is YOUR PAST CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT DETERMINE WHERE YOU ARE GOING.

Victor lost his parents at a very young age but that hasn’t stopped Victor from achieving his goals. Since l met Victor l have never had him complain about the loss of his parents or complaining that he is lacking in any area of his life. Victor beyond his situation has not stopped pursuing his dream of being an international performer. At a certain point before he came to university. His relatives had proposed he does another program not music.

Victor was not agreeable to this, though his relatives were paying for his fees. He believed that they were not in the position to do something he was not passionate about. He got to a point where he told his relatives if you cannot fund my music career then it’s fine l will make a plan. That is responsibility right there. He knows what he wants and his past and current circumstances do not stop him from achieving his goals.

His relatives then had to think about his offer and later had to finance his music career. He practises on a daily basis. Most of the time we practice together since l enjoy his music, l will be there giving a drumbeat using my bucket and drumstick. I believe a day will come when Victor’s music will be heard and played around the world. In the places we have performed we have received great responses from the audience and some actually would pay us after the performance though we would have volunteered to do it for free.
Many of us what is stopping us to achieve our goals is not because we are not capable. We are capable but we are allowing our past to hinder our future progress. Many of look at situations from our past and current and thing they will temporary. Here is a guy who had to challenge his relatives because he was hungry for greatness and knew what he wanted. Stop blaming others for you life’s outcome. Take responsibility. Real success only becomes visible in your life the day you take full responsibility for your life.

Lesson from TaziwaMapango
TaziwaMapango is a great friend. Taziwa is an author and a speaker. He is an author of two great books This One Thing I Do and Light Your Candle. Two powerful books you should have in your library. My first encounter with Taziwa was on Whatsapp. Were he inboxed me and asked me on my thoughts onan article he had written. It was a very powerful article that adjusting it was just in the end spoiling the article. Since then we have been communicating. What l have learnt from Taziwa is the importance of Consistency. For you to be better at anything it’s all in your ability to do things repeatedly. As l asked Taziwa what makes him such a powerful writer.

He explained that each and everyday l make sure l write something the benefit of this is that it improves my writing muscles. If you want to be better at anything be consistent in your practice. In the worsAristatole, “We are what repeatedly do, so excellence is not just an act but a habit.”
What successful people do daily, ordinary people do occasionally
Apply consistency to anything you want to get better at, you want to be the best at. Nothing will come to those who are constantly sleeping in their comfort zones.
Lesson from Milton Kamwendo
This man need no introduction at all but let me introduce him. Mr Milton Kamwendo is an international inspirational, motivational and transformational speaker, coach, workshop facilitator, and strategy and innovation facilitator, business consultant, team building and leadership coach, author of three books It’s Time to Unleash Your Greatness, Let the Lion in you Roar and Make Things Happen. Milton Kamwendo is the man that inspired me to get into motivational speaking and workshop facilitation and is my also my mentor. I have known Milton Kamwendo since l was a child l would see him in church motivating people and l got the privilege to attend some of the workshops he facilitated. I have learnt a lot from Milton Kamwendo but the greatest of them all is what l will share with you. STAY COMMITED TO THE GOAL. When l told Mr Kamwendo to help me with material to become a better speaker and facilitator he mentioned these words GET COMMITED TO THE GOAL. All that Mr Milton Kamwendo has achieved is because he is committed to his goals. If l write of his stories l might write a book on them because they are many.
Many want to achieve greatness but lack commitment in pursuit of greatness. Commitment is a great virtue that differences the successful and ordinary. Commitment is what keeps on your action course. You can never be successful if you are not committed to your goals. If you have goals, setting them isn’t enough and action without any commitment is merely failure. Many of us are side tracked from our goals by silly things because we lack commitment. Commitment is what will keep you consistent, what will keep you determined.
Lesson from Dr Richard Muranda
Dr Richard Muranda is a lecturer in the Music Business, Musicology Department at the Midlands State University. He is my lecturer in the modules related to music technology that is sound engineering, recording techniquies etc. What l have learnt from Dr Muranda is that you should be a Man Of Integrity. Integrity is all about doing what is right not matter the consciqences you face. Dr Muranda is a man who is principled and stands up for what he wants. Dr Muranda has a policy that ifyou come to my lesson 15minutes after the start time do not bother entering and if he is late with 15 minutes without communicating then go and report me to the Dean of Student or Vice Chancellor. For sure if you are late no matter who you are you will not come in the lecture and since l started my degree in 2017 l have never seen him late for a lecture. That’s integrity right there being able to own up to your words and deliver as you mentioned.
As individuals we gamble our greatness away by our lack of integrity. We make promises and do not deliver. We go against our own beliefs to please those around us. But always remember these words by Milton Kamwendo, “rather work hard right now and impress your future, than work hard on impressing people that are passing by.”
Do not think impressing everyone who comes your way is a good strategy while you disgracing your future. Integrity is a great success attribute do what is right.
Unleashing Your Potential Within
Tendai Mungate
Tendai Mungate (20) Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Vision Escalators Consultancy Group is currently studying at the Midlands State University is a Inspirational, Motivational, Transformational Speaker, Leader-prenuer, Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, Workshop Facilitator, Drummer and Writer. His life purpose and passion is in Inspiring and Unleashing the Hidden Potential Within individuals and to Achieve Greatness. Tendai Can be contacted via Socia media facebook and twitter @tendaimungate instagram@coachmung1 and tendaimungateinspirations , phone and whatsapp +263784948274 email:tendaigmungate@gmail.com


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