Ladies market themselves at Al Noor Mosque in Abuja – Man

The popular Al Noor Mosque in Abuja has been described by a twitter user as a spot where most Abuja ladies visit to market themselves in the quest to get a spouse.

Ladies market themselves at Al Noor Mosque in Abuja - Man lailasnews 3

In his post, the man stated that the men that visit the Al Noor Mosque in Abuja, once in a year also know of the ladies’ plans and so they make it their agenda to at least hook up on some woman before they leave.

He however sought for God’s forgiveness over all the worshippers who have turned his house of worship into something else.

He tweeted:

Al noor mosque in Abuja is being taken as an avenue for show off and the ladies marketing themselves to young men who visit the mosque once in a year….. May Allah make us understand our mistakes and forgive us all.. But these has to stop…. let’s pray!


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He then further wrote in another statement, while encouraging his followers to always make impact everywhere they find themselves:

Leave sweet memories where ever you go. Put a smile on d faces u come across. Belittle no one.Xtend d hand of friendship. Humility n generosity.Patience and prayers. These qualities will surely make you see life from a simple perspective. I stand on my ground regarding this.


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