If Kwame Nkrumah had tweeted

By Mercy Blankson

Do not aim at waking me up when it is all over or when I am wiser and older because I have already started practicing it by default. I wake up at 4:00am every weekday. More than fifty percent of the time I end up sitting at the noisy male dominated back of GIJ lecture hall B2 and C2 on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively.

I still enjoy the strange, interesting and exaggerated discussion that goes on there though I prefer that they keep it down a bit. As I walk in the tinted darkness along the road at ‘KOSUE DWAASO’ (unloading goods market at Tema Community One), I hear and see Adams apples busily and interestingly announcing their wares on display.

I would hear a “mo nyi no low na mo nhwe no high’, ’bend down boutique’, ‘me maame aboka ohh 50 pesewas’, ‘sister hye bi ma me wai’, buy some for me ohh na hot iyemi’, ‘tea ei edo waa denkye’ and among many others.
“Circle, circle, circle,” is what I hear the bus conductor say when I finally manage to move through the almost dense market crowd to the fruit sellers’ subjugated side of the road. I flag the minibus, indicating that I am going in its direction, Circle. Circle is the popular name given to the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, the biggest round about in the capital city of Ghana which is Accra. Till this day Nkrumah remains a house hold name among many Ghanaians because of the overwhelming development he contributed towards his nation. Now I do not want to bore you with the long dated history of Nkrumah which is as broad as a smile. Well if you are Ghanaian who attended school in Ghana then at least you should know some basic information about him, after all wasn’t he the first president of Ghana?

Now, the involvement of the media in the country’s politics became significant between 1900 and 1939. Then journalism took a different turn in the Gold Coast between1930 to 1937. Following the 6th March 1957 declaration of Ghana’s independence, there were only four newspapers. In 1948 Nkrumah established the Accra Evening News, a publication which he used to state the views of the Convention People’s Party (CPP). Nkrumah eventually controlled all the press in Ghana and used it as an apparatus of state authority providing propaganda that stimulated national unity. He harassed the then remaining private newspapers and eventually purchased the Daily Graphic in 1963. J.B Danquah himself used the columns of his newspaper to propagate the name and the date of birth of Ghana before independence

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We can all agree that Nkrumah has done some mammoth contributions to the development of Ghana. This fact is undeniable because some of the infrastructure and organizations he funded are still in existence till today. If you were not aware of how Kwame Nkrumah used the media to influence the masses, know you know.

Unfortunately at his time there was no Twitter to hashtag, no facebook to poke or like and no instagram to portray his classic attires.

But my readers, I think that by now you should have known me quiet enough especially that wild imaginative aspect of my mind that runs faster than Usain Bolt’s legs and travels wider than any fire. Let me as usual pour down some of my imaginations perhaps you have also thought of it.

Kwame Nkrumah has written books and truth be told I have not seen any than to talk of even reading any of them yet (have I been living under a rock so not to have at least seen any of his book? ask again, haven’t I heard of Google.) but this shows that at least he had some spare time to meditate, think and write. Just maybe don’t you think that he would have had time to share his thoughts to the world? I think he would have been fascinated by the fact that social media handles could connect him to some of the pan African leaders and his political supporters instantly. Among these are facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, snapchat blah blah blah etcetera etcetera.


ON THE EVE OF INDEPENDENCE: Finally Ghana has been liberated. We have done it. After all we have been through. #Thebigsix #Ghanaisfreeatlast #6031957independenceday @J.B Danquah @Akkufo Addo @Ako Adjie.

RETWEETS: I can’t wait!

: Ghana ose yie, yei yieeee! Ghana ohh yeiii Ghana ohh yieee yeeee…

: Nkrumah thank you, we have really suffered under the rule of these whites.

WHEN HE PROMOTED DIVERSITY IN AGRICULTURE: Too many fishes do not spoil the soup. In addition to our cocoa grow coffee, shear nut, rare cattle, sheep and poultry. Every farmer is important. You are the backbone of this country: #scholarshiptothechildrenofallcocoafarmersatthesecondcycle

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RETWEETS : Finally, Nkrumah thank you for acknowledging our efforts.

: We will farm for life.

: Ah atadwe ye nso y’ate de nde!

WHEN HE WON THE 1956 GENERAL ELECTIONS: I am a bit nervous but it seems like we are in a comfortable lead. C.P.P #selfgovernancenow

#themasseshavespoken #poweroftheafricanthumb

RETWEETS: Nkrumah all the way.

: C.P.P self-governance now.

WHEN HE WAS OVERTHROWN: I know a person is never appreciated in his own town, but after all I have done for this country, how could you, do this to me? #ahghanawhy #myownghana #whatdididowrong, #iwasinvietnamforapiecemissionandthisiswhathappenedwhileiwasaway, #whydidievenleaveforvietnaminthefirstplace,@Colonel E. A Kotaka Why, @Majour A. A Afrifa.

RETWEETS: “na waa ohh”. Your deportation acts affected Nigerians who opposed your reign.

A : Happy holidays

B : I am sorry but we couldn’t even mention you name: you had too many spies.

C : I am happy for the success of the coup, it was bloodless with no resistance whatsoever from anyone except the presidential bodyguard in Flagstaff House In Accra.

D : Your ministers have been dismissed from office, parliament dissolved, your party disbanded and the 1960 constitution suspended.

E: you brought us together for independence but now you even turned our own children against us, they could report us for anti-government utterances. You made us distrust one another. #nomoreyoungpioneers

F: your government announced a “tighten-your-belt” economic measure for the ordinary Ghanaians while your ministers led flamboyant and luxurious lives.#goletuschopsome

G: I totally agree with you my brother; the wife of Krobo Edusei a cabinet minister ordered a golden bed that cost £3000 from a shop in London. Ah, why?

H: Ah! Look at this mainn

All Ghanaians have retweeted the system is jammed, sorry for the inconvenience. (Twitter)


Nkrumah updated his status click here to see: Developing the nation’s capital to raise its standard and status. Kwame Nkrumah poked Accra. 9586k reactions

Nkrumah tagged 50 people in his latest status update: Looking forward to the construction of houses by the Ghana Housing Corporation I just established.

Nkrumah is going to the All African Peoples Conference in December 1958. Eight independent heads of state are also going. 2000k people reacted to this. Click to comment. 5623 people are interested in going. Kwame Nkrumah commented on his post.

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NKRUMAH: Thank you for showing interest in this event but I am sorry to say that they are for only the leaders and other personalities. Caption: only VVIP


Nkrumah: Akwaaba to electricity. My tenure will not be the first to lunch “Dumsor”. (1000k likes) one person commented: Nkrumah me daase wo ho!

Nkrumah: Tema-motorway Accra – tarkoradi-axim1st class roads (900k likes)

Nkrumah: Tema harbor construction to ease congestion at the Tarkoradi habor (950k likes)

Nkrumah: Railway system form Achiase to Kade to join at Kumasi to Accra railroad (896k likes)

Nkrumah: Our own national airline has been built (1958) we shall have our first flight to London via Barcelona with the nations own air craft (999k likes)

He might have also used the various trending captions like “issa distin”


Akosombo dam is on. “issa powerful distin”.


Ghana will gain independence today, “issa freedom distin”, issa sixth March distin

Various research has been conducted into how frequent leaders of today use social media to share their lives with their followers or influence the masses. I think it is helping in the process of democracy and allowing bit of transparency in governance. So my honorable audience, all my sweet hearts, “awww odo yewu, u too chop kiss wai”, I hope we all enjoyed this article. Feel free to comment with your own social media post that you think could have been published if pre-independent Ghana had access to it, with that being said, your honor, I want to rest my case.

DISCLAIMER: I love history but I was only born yesterday, I stand to be corrected of the dates and how the events actually occurred, they depict actual events as truthfully as recollection of the history I studied at Datus Senior High School permits and that is why I stand to be corrected.

Other than that this is just an imaginary article and I do not expect anyone to take this personally. In case I stepped on your toes I am sorry let it come to my notice.+233249953609 Anything apart from the historical records stated here are all fiction, names and characters are not coincidental but are just used with the pigment of the writers imagination.

Finally, finally I rest my case. Bam!!!


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