Kumchacha attacks Moesha

By AhotorFM

Founder and Leader of the Heaven’s Gate Ministries, Nicholas Osei, popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha has avowed that Actress and Model, Moesha Boduong, do not have any fear of God in her.

This according to him was so obvious in her interview with CNN’s Christine Amanpour.

Moesha Boduong in an interview on CNN’s Amanpour show revealed that the state of the Ghanaian economy pushed individuals to rely on men for financial support adding that, women were largely victims of the harsh economic system because making a few cedis in Ghana was an almost impossible situation.

“Ghana our economy is such that you just need someone to take care of you because you can’t make enough money as a woman here. When you want to get an apartment, in Ghana you pay two years in advance and I just started working, where will I get the money,” she said.

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She added that in exchange for the money she receives from her lover/benefactor, she is expected to stay loyal to him and yield to his sexual desires whenever he demands.

“He can afford to take care of you. He takes care of me, my financial stuff, my apartment, my car, my rent, everything. He expects me to be loyal and just to date him only and give him sex when he wants. You can’t say no. You have to give him what he wants otherwise he is going to think you are cheating on him,” she explained.

Speaking on Ahotor FM Midday News on Friday, 13th April, in reaction to her comments, Kumchacha further stated that he was not surprise Moesha spoke in the way she did because everything about her shows that she lacks good morals and the fear of God.

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“She does not fear God and I can say this with all certainty, why will you sell your body to married men for gains and favours. She needs to give her life to Christ and work hard in order to sustain her” He stated


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