Kris Jenner gifts her friend a facelift for her birthday

Handbags, spa breaks, perfume — these are just a few of the things mere mortals might gift a friend on their birthday. But when your name is Kris Jenner and you’re the mastermind of the Kardashian Empire, you might have enough coin to pay for something more outlandish like life-altering plastic surgery.

The Momager, who has gone under the knife for multiple procedures, pays for her close pal to have a face lift on season 15 episode 9 of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In a clip from Sunday night’s installment, the 62-year-old tells Scott Disick that she wants to reward Sheila because ‘she’s been such an amazing friend and she’s just always there for me.’

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Scott warns that the unusual gesture may offend her friend asking: ‘Are you not at all nervous that you would offend her in anyway? Is it like “Hey, you face looks old.”’ Kris insists that it’s not a thinly veiled insult at her long-time friend because Sheila’s been thinking about it ‘for years’ and constantly complains about her neck. Despite his reservations about the idea, Kris pushes through and tells Sheila what she has planned over dinner. ‘Joyce already knows but I have arranged for Garth Fisher to do whatever you want him to do on your face and your neck,’ she said.

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Shelia was stoked to find out her surprise and is seen smiling from ear to ear when the pair attend her consultation with the plastic surgeon. ‘This is real just a big love letter to her for all over her friendship’ Kris explained.

Although Kris got it right, fans that tuned in were understandably divided with one saying: ‘Dear friends and family, if you “gift” me a face lift…ya dead to me. #KUWTK ‘ Another viewer said: ‘@KrisJenner is such a good friend. I wish one of my friends would surprise me with plastic surgery! #KUWTK’




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