Indonesia woman mauled to death by Crocodile

An Indonesian woman identified as Deasy Tuwo was been mauled to death by a crocodile on the island of Sulawesi, officials said Wednesday.

The deceased was the head of a laboratory at a pearl farm in Minahasa in North Sulawesi, where she was killed by the 4.4-meter (14-foot) reptile last Thursday.

The 44-year old’s badly mauled body was found by colleagues the following morning, Hendrik Rundengan, from the local conservation agency, told AFP.

“The indication is that she fell into the crocodile’s enclosure,” he said, adding the incident was still being investigated by police.

The crocodile, named Merry, had eaten one of the woman’s hands and most of her abdomen was missing, Rundengan said.

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“These parts may still be inside the crocodile now,” he added.

The giant reptile was sedated and removed from its enclosure Monday in a three-hour operation that involved dozens of people, including conservation officials, the army and police.

The reptile, which was owned illegally, will be transferred to a conservation area, Rundengan said.

The Indonesian archipelago is home to a vast array of exotic wildlife, including several species of crocodile that regularly attack and kill humans.

Source: AFP


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