Indonesia fattest woman cries out for help from Government

The fattest woman in Indonesia identified as Titi Wati, 37, may need to be transported through her home’s window to hospital on a forklift, she is from Palangka Raya City in Central Kalimantan has claimed the title of the country’s largest woman as she tips the scales at 56-stone.

She spends her days lying flat on her stomach unable to move and requires around the clock care. Her daughter Herlina, 19, feeds, bathes, and takes care of her and is currently fighting for the government to help her morbidly obese mum.

Titi claims she only weighed seven stone a decade ago and blames her dramatic weight gain on a diet of Gorengan – deep fried snacks made of tofu, sweet potatoes, bananas and vegetables – and Tempeh, a traditional soy patty as well as eating rice three times a day and glugging Coca Cola.

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Titi said: “I wasn’t always like this. I was slim and had long hair. “But for more than six years, I have only been able to lie on my stomach. “I have been having occasional sleep. I feel breathless and often wake up from sleep. “Whenever I try to get up, I feel cramp-like pain in my legs, then I feel the pain all over my body. “I now weigh more than 350kg (55 st 11lbs) and I cannot sit or stand.”I hope my health condition gets attention from the government.”

Edi, who makes £230 a month and pays for the couple’s rented home and his daughter’s studies, said: “I didn’t have enough money to buy the drinks.” The family’s income also restricted Titi from being able to seek medical help.

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But luckily, after Herlina launched a desperate plea, the Palangkaraya city administration has come to her aid and assured to coordinate with the regional health agency.

However, Titi now needs to examined and diagnosed by nutrition experts, endocrinologists and obesity surgeons — none of which are available in the province.

They are now in talks with the local administration and contemplating to use a forklift to transport Titi from her home to the hospital.



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