Indian Doctors remove 33 sharp objects from the stomach of a 30 year-old man

A 30-year old man identified as Yogesh Thakur, had 33 objects removed from his stomach including razors and knives by Indian doctors

Thakur was admitted to the hospital after he complained of severe stomach pain. His mother, Kusma Thakur, told doctors her son would ‘grab anything and eat it’, leading them to conduct x-rays and doctors were stunned to find objects such as a knife, screwdriver, razor blades and plastic items inside Thakur’s stomach.


Two days after he was admitted, the doctors extracted all the objects in an operation and Thakur, a part-time farmer, he is now recovering and will receive psychiatric help.

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Doctors said it’s likely he suffers with acuphagia, a disorder in which people eat sharp or metal objects and other items they can’t digest.

Acuphagia is a category of pica, an eating disorder whereby the person cannot help eating non-food items such as dirt, talcum powder or paint.


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