I’m proud of where I come from – Moesha Bodoung donates to hometown school in Billaw

Previously, many celebrities celebrated their birthdays outside the shores of Ghana but in recent times, that trend has changed as they are now spending it with the less privileged in Ghana.

That is exactly what actress Moesha Bodoung did under her Moesha Foundation when she turned 28 on March 10, 2019.

She spent her birthday with students of Billaw Basic School in the Upper West Region where she donated learning materials to the school.

According to her, the gesture was something she had always wanted to do.

She said, “Well there are two things I’ll forever be proud of and continually boast about, that is; who I am and where I come from.”

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She added, “Every child is entitled to an education, but it is sad that most of our young ones lack the basic necessities and support to achieve it.

“I can’t promise to build mountains and castles for these young ones but, I know I can support them with the little that I can and rather push them to value education as I was taught so that, they can build the mountains and castles for themselves. So yes, I’m proud I didn’t forget the values I learnt and gave back to society, especially my people”.

The Moesha Foundation donated textbooks, Moesha branded exercise books, pens, pencils, mathematical sets, snacks, school bags, and other relevant learning materials to the school.

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The Chief of Billaw, Banthilla Badukun thanked Moesha for her donation and urged the youth not to forget where they come from, “my people and I are very grateful for this especially the school children.


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