I’ll undergo surgery to fix my ‘K’ legs after you fix your brain – Juliet Ibrahim to a troll


According to Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim, a fan who trolled her about her “knocked knees” legs needs a brain transplant.

The “Queen’s Pride” actress is one of the prettiest on the screens and she’s not going to allow anyone to dim her confidence with thoughts that the legs that carry her curvaceous self around, are imperfect or some type of deformity that needs a surgical attention.

The actress posted a hot shot of herself with her legs crossed and a fan left a comment saying “Ma, have u serviced ur K-leg/knocked knees yet? Surgery …”

Miss Ibrahim has no place for such killer comments so she got into her clap back arsenal and fired back at the troll this reply: “Do you mean the brain surgery that you require? DIMWIT … No worries, I’ll do mine immediately after your brain transplant”.

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This isn’t the first time the mother of one is talking about her legs and how she’s been teased with it several times.

In an Instagram post on September 3 2018, she wrote; “See, I have been called all sorts; “k legs” mocked and ridiculed, only because I embrace who I am and I’m not afraid of pushing the limit.”

So there you have it, trolls can’t dim Mama Juliet’s confidence because of her her”k legs” legs.

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