How to win a second date with a guy

Most times after a first date, some persons delete the contact of the person the went on a date with, they don’t tend to reach out again, that is a sign that the first date didn’t go well and there won’t be a second date.

But, if you want a second date with him, then we believe that the following tips will help you accomplish that dream.

1.Give a compliment from earlier on.

If you like the person you’re on a date with, let them know you like something about them. It doesn’t have to be a compliment from the day of the date, you could even mention that you liked how they looked on their dating profile or the first time you saw them. What this does is that it at least makes one know where they stand in terms of ‘do they like me or not?’ nothing as worse as ending the date and you can’t really tell if the person likes you or not.

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2. Be friendly to the people around you on the date.

Smile at the waiter, if someone asks to be excused to pass for instance, gladly excuse them, without rolling your eyes and being all miss attitude. Being friendly to the people around you while on a date and even interacting with them for a bit allows your date to observe you in that element and see your warm nature.

3. Do not be afraid to take a bit of control of the date.

So, let’s say you’re having dinner, but there’s a place close by that has really good cocktails. You could ask your date if he’s willing to grab a drink for the road or dessert, say, at an ice cream shop nearby. This removes the “What do we do next?” guesswork. A first date is a lot of pressure on the person that invited you because they want to impress you so, you suggesting to do something else will take off some of the pressure. Plus, it will show that you take initiative.

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4. Order chocolate cake.

If you’re like most people, you probably skip dessert. You’re probably both really full from the dinner and don’t see the point of dessert; I totally get it. What you need to start doing is suggest to share something and, you can never go wrong with the cliché chocolate cake. This will also bring you a bit closer as the point, is to end the date on a high, so, one cake two forks please?!

5. Don’t drag the night on.

It’s really tempting to extend the night especially if you’re having a great time with your date. You decide to have one more drink and it ends up being five more drinks and before you know it, you’re probably both drunk. Instead, insinuate that you have an early morning and offer to see them again. This will give you the chance to see them again even sooner and that way, you have scored a second date!

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