How to make karaoke lyrics: How to make a karaoke video with lyrics using PowerPoint

How to make a karaoke video with lyrics using PowerPoint

Enjoy a great evening with the squad without having to spend a dime. With simple step by step instructions from this article, make your own karaoke video with lyrics using PowerPoint.

Everyone loves a good karaoke night except for those of us who croak instead of sing of course. Easily make a karaoke video with lyrics using PowerPoint step by step.

Karaoke can be enjoyed by both adults and children. You would need to check your song choice if kids are involved though. Anyways it makes for a good fun time with friends and family.


Making a karaoke video with lyrics using PowerPoint is not costly. You can easily do this by yourself, just follow our simple outlined steps.


It should not take more than an hour at most to make a karaoke video with lyrics using PowerPoint. It will be faster if you already have the lyrics of the song written down.

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  • Computer/ smart mobile device
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  • Background video
  • Music/audio
  • Microsoft PowerPoint



For background video (BV) and audio

  • Open a blank presentation and delete everything including the textbox. Leave it blank.
  • Either copy and paste or drag both the BV and audio unto the blank page.
  • Stretch the BV to fill the blank page. Place the audio.
  • Click on the BV and select “Playback” from the toolbar.
  • Select “automatically” at the start box option. Also, tick the “looped until stopped” option.
  • Then click on “Animations” on the toolbar. The animation pane dropbox would open. Delete the second video, leaving only one video.
  • Time to work on the audio. Click on the audio/speaker icon in the PowerPoint page. Select “playback” from the toolbar.
  • Click on “Play in the background option”. Double check that the following options have also been selected: Hide during show, Play across slides and Looped until stopped.

Your audio and BV is ready to play.

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For text

  • Select Insert from the toolbar and choose text box. Drag it to the top of the BV.
  • Write the first verse of your song inside.  Now drag it to the middle of the BV. Adjust font size, style and colour to suit your preference.

For animation

  • Select animations form then toolbar. Select “fade” from animations.
  • Go to the Animations pane on the far right of the screen. Check to make sure these settings are done; the music is set to play automatically, the BV plays automatically, the first text is set to appear on click.
  • Right-click the First text and select “start with previous”


In karaoke videos, the previous text fades out to allow the next text appear on the screen. This is done using the Fade animation tool.

  • Select “Add Animation”. Then select “Fade” form the drop box at the exit category. You will notice that on the Animation pane, the textbox has two animations; a fade in (green) and a fade-out (red).
  • Copy and paste your first verse that was in the middle of the BV. To create a clone right beneath it. So now you would have two same verses in the BV. This should also replicate the text box in the Animation pane. Write your second verse in the second text box.
  • Replicate the previous step for the rest of the verses in the song. Scroll out to create more space so you can see all the verses in the PowerPoint.
  • Select all the text and go to “Format” on the toolbar. Choose “Align centre” and “Align middle” from the dropbox. If it doesn’t align properly, it’s because the “align selected objects” have been chosen. Choose “align to slide” to rectify this problem.
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Your karaoke video is ready for your audience. To test it out hit F5 to play the slide (click for your next verse to appear).




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