How to know you haven’t forgiven your cheating partner

Cheating most times destroys a relationship,sometimes the couple find their way back to a healthy relationship, it is most times difficult, if the betrayed partner is still struggling to forgive and the trust has not been rebuilt.

These are the signs you’ve not forgiven him:

1. You want him to hurt too

When you are yet to forgive a partner for cheating, you find yourself feeling a tiny bit glad if he had a bad day or some other challenges. You have a “serves you right” . when something goes wrong for him mainly because you believe he deserves it for what he did to you.

2. You make a lot of snide remarks

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For instance, he says he told you something before and then you go, “it’s not me you told, maybe it was your side chick.” You may even say this with a smile but the point is, you’re not over his betrayal. It’s still in your head and obviously controlling your interaction with him.

3. You think about it, a lot

When an issue isn’t resolved, we tend to spend a lot of time thinking about it. So if you have not forgiven him for cheating, it will constantly be on your mind. You may find yourself reliving the pain and anger over and over again.

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4. Small acts of revenge

It’s human nature to want to revenge when we’re hurt and the only way that desire disappears is when we forgive. While some betrayed partners may go as far as cheating too, there are those who carry out small acts of revenge like using their partner’s toothbrush to clean the toilet, for example. You find yourself doing small rude things here and there even though he may not even find out. It’s like you derive a secret pleasure from knowing you’re paying him back.

5. You become a pro-snooper

You cannot trust again if you cannot forgive. And if you cannot trust, you’ll find yourself being overly obsessed with what he’s up to when you’re not there. You snoop through his phone, search his clothes pockets for clues and maybe even secretly follow him everywhere.

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