Must Read: How to get Pregnant with Irregular Periods

Irregular periods most times your ability to become pregnant, but with the following tips you can get things back on track.

  • Keep track of your ovulation

A menstrual calendar can help you keep track of your ovulation, which is your fertile window. The app is designed to let you put in sufficient information and symptoms that helps it calculate your cycle. Also, to predict your ovulation, you can look to your cervical mucus and temperature, using a basal body temperature thermometer.

During ovulation, there’s an abundance of estrogen and progesterone, which brings about an increase in your body’s temperature. And the basal thermometer can detect small changes up to 1/100th of a degree.

  • Have more sex
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Sperm can stay in your body for up to six days. So typically, having more sex can help your chances of getting pregnant fast with irregular periods. The more sex you have, the more likely you are to catch your fertile days.

Additionally, to figure out when to have sex, you can use predictor kits to test your urine. This is possible because before ovulation women produce luteinizing hormones. The hormones make the egg drop from the ovary.

  • Eat well

If your periods are irregular, it is imperative to eat healthy and well balanced diet. Shun food with too much fat and carbohydrate. Also, stay away from processed and junk food, and instead eat more fruits, whole grains and vegetables.

  • Keep an ideal weight
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This concerns both overweight and underweight women. It is important to keep an ideal weight because weight problems can bring about an imbalance. And when there’s a hormonal imbalance it can cause irregular periods and disrupt ovulation. And as a woman with irregular periods who’d decided she wants to get pregnant, maintaining an ideal weight can help mend these imbalances. But if you’re having problems hitting the ideal weight, it could be a hormonal imbalance. So talk to your doctor.

  • Reduce stress

Reducing stress can have a big impact if you’re trying to get pregnant fast with irregular periods. Anxiety and too much stress can delay your ovulation, affecting your chances of getting pregnant. Try to adopt some stress management techiques during your day, as trying to get pregnant actively can bring about its own stress.

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Irregular periods are common and are sometimes caused by underlying problems. If your periods are irregular, visit your doctor for a diagnosis.

You doctor will examine you, check your hormonal levels and also verify if there’s an overlooked problem.



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