How to detect your boyfriend is not trustworthy

In a relationship between two persons, it is still difficult to determine, if your boyfriend is not trustworthy? Here are these five signs that he can’t be trusted:

1. He tells a lot of small lies

It’s easy to shrug it off when you catch your man telling little lies. It’s no big deal, you think. But the truth is, a person who finds it easy to lie even when they don’t need to, will have no problems telling the big lies too. In fact, one of the best ways to tell if a person is untrustworthy is how easy it is for them to lie.

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2. His actions don’t match his words

He says he’ll do something and he changes his mind. This happens to the best of us. However, if this has become his pattern, then it’s a problem. When he finds it easier to make promises than to actually fulfill them, then he’s flaky.
he’s not trustworthy.

3. You’ve seen him betray others

You don’t need to wait until he betrays you to know he isn’t trustworthy. If you’ve seen him do this to friends and family, then at some point, he won’t have a problem doing it to you.

4. He is unable to build solid relationships

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When someone has friends that drift in and out of his life or has never really settled down enough to have a committed relationship, then you have to be concerned about what this says about him. Usually, people with strong, solid friendships, family relationships and maybe even a serious relationship or two in their past are more solid.

5. He has cheated on you

The ability to stay sexually and emotionally faithful to one partner is really the heart of being trustworthy in a relationship. This is because it’s based on what his behavior is like when you’re not there. So if he’s all up in another woman’s business as soon as your back is turned, you definitely cannot trust him.

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