How much City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal earned this season [See top 20]

Manchester City have retained the Premier League title, despite an incredible fight from Liverpool.

City came from behind to win 4-1 at Brighton, while Jurgen Klopp’s men took second spot following a 2-0 win against Wolves.

Premier League teams will earn roughly £2m more than the team below them, which made the final day of the season even more lucrative for those that were still fighting for places at the top and bottom of the league.

Team’s that were relegated for finishing in the bottom three received the least amount but will receive parachute payments for the next four seasons.

Here is the top 20:

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1. Manchester City – £38.4m
2. Liverpool – £36.5m
3. Chelsea – £34.6m
4. Tottenham Hotspur – £32.6m
5. Arsenal – £30.7m
6. Manchester United – £28.8m
7. Wolves – £26.9m
8. Everton – £25m
9. Leicester City – £23.1m
10. West Ham United – £21.1m
11. Watford – £19.2m
12. Crystal Palace – £17.3m
13. Newcastle United – £15.4m
14. Bournemouth – £13.4m
15. Burnley – £11.5m
16. Southampton – £9.6m
17. Brighton – £7.7m
18. Cardiff City – £5.8m
19. Fulham – £3.8m
20. Huddersfield Town – £1.9m


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