How best to deal with a double dating situation

It is sometimes difficult to figure out who you want to spend the rest of your life with, most especially when you tend to love both parties.

Now you’re double dating and risking losing both of them if they find out about one another.

1.Choose One

Realistically there’s a high chance one is a crush and the other is true love. This depends on how long you’ve been with the said person or how invested you are with them. Try not to confuse your emotions, crushes come and go but true love lasts the test of time. We know it is hard, you’ve built an emotional connection with two people and no matter what someone will get hurt.

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2. Walk Away

After making your choice, you need to walk away from the person whose heart you just broke. It would be easier for the both of you to move on and don’t speak for long while. The unlucky guy needs keep it moving and so do you, yes its a bit harsh but that’s what needs to be done.

It gets hard enough when you’re with one guy, make it two and you’ve just doubled your complications. At the end of the decision is yours and we can only wish you good luck. We hope it all works out!

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