Highlife legend Ben Brako in hot waters after posting nude photo with wife

Highlife legend Ben Brako has sparked outrage on social media after posting a nude photo with his wife.

The musician, 66, posted the x-rated photo with his wife cladded in beads and African cloth.

He has explained that he posted the photo to project images that reflect his heritage in a tasty setting, after been slammed for exploiting the feminism of his wife.

In a post on Facebook, he explained: “Seems some people have not followed the sequence of events that led to me posting a picture of me and my wife in an intimate pose.

“First I posted a beautiful picture of my wife in a classy traditional pose. Somebody suggested that I was like exploiting the feminism of my wife, and that I should post a shot of myself in a similar setting. I obliged only because I wanted it known that I’m comfortable in myself to project images that reflect my heritage in a tasty setting.

“Let me be clear. In an era where we’re so mixed up in our mentality that we accept English as our national language, where our national anthem is an English song with English lyrics, where our people are obliged to dress like foreigners to work and play, it is important that someone stands up to declare that our heritage and culture have an important place in our national discourse and should have the pride of place in our lives.

“This I’m doing in my own unobtrusive way which I’m very comfortable with. If even one young person gets inspired by this it would have been worthwhile. I have always loved natural poses a la Baya album photo. I as an African man of Ghanaian descent am portraying myself in a way I’m comfortable and happy with. If you are not happy with that, fine. Don’t go take a flying jump, but if you did I would not stop you”.

The picture sparked criticism among social media users, and many got frisky with their comments.

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“Ahhh Ben Brako,what nonsense is dis,Opanin in the music industry,and is dis what you can do,and they want govt to pump tax payers money into the creative art industry and give us such rubbish,is dis wat will let us patronise you music…,” a Twitter user noted.

“This one dea uncle Ben Brako no try koraa,” another user said.

“Ben Brako why?, another asked.

A Facebook user posted: Dear Uncle Ben Brako. You gave us great tunes but unfortunately this generation will remember you more for your little red butt. The internet never forgets. Best belief if your name is Googled it’s your buttocks that will pop up rather than your music.
Your legacy is firmly established. All hail!

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“Is everything alright with Mr Ben Brako and the wife? Disgusting Images!,” another Facebook user noted.


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