Graphics:: Man’s pe***is crack while having s**x with his girlfriend

A 48 year-old man identified as Sean Marsden, is currently at the risk of not  been able to impregnate a woman after his manhood cracked while having sex with his girlfriend.

Sean was taken to hospital, where surgeons operated to repair the penile fracture and torn urethra, he was issued
strong painkillers after a night in hospital, and was told not to have sex until the end of the month.

But the randy pair couldn’t wait to get back in the sack, and had sex again just three weeks later.

The painter and decorator from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, who admits to having a sky-high sex drive, said he was nervous about getting steamy again – but “couldn’t wait” to get his kit off even though his penis was still sore and bruised.

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He began experiencing erections again, so assumed his manhood had healed, but admitted the first time “was painful”.

Speaking about the moment he heard his penis “snap”, Sean recalled: “I said to Louise straight away that something was wrong. “I grabbed hold of it and it just grew and grew. I didn’t think it was going to stop.

“It went up to the size of a bottle of wine. It was beyond my control and scared me to death. “The pain was off the scale. It was really excruciating. It came in waves. “I could actually see where it had broken and snapped. I knew that I had to go to hospital.”

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Sean said he is unsure if his injuries will leave him unable to have children in the future. “I am scared to find out the truth because I would like to have kids with Louise,” he explained.



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