Government bans Chinese Drugs Containing Human Foetuses, HBV in Circulation

The South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has siezed 2,751 Chinese drugs/capsules containing remains from foetuses, infants and flesh imported into the country by Chinese nationals.

The seizure was done by the South Korean Customs Service on September 30, 2018, according to a Nigeria/China/South-Korea/Multilateral/Social document prepared by the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) headquarters in Abuja.

The document, dated October 12, 2018, noted that the manufacturers claimed that the drugs/capsules could boost stamina, cure cancer, diabetes and some other diseases, and were smuggled in suitcases and through international mail.

Also found in the capsules were 18.7 billion viruses, including Hepatitis B.
The NIA has alerted NAFDAC, NDLEA, SON, NIPOST, Customs and other relevant agencies to step up efforts in monitoring the importation of drugs from China into Nigeria.


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