Gifty Osei is a bully – Wedding decorator

After having her much-talked-about marriage to politician Hopeson Adorye, one would have expected Gospel artiste Gifty Adorye (nee Osei) to be enjoying her honeymoon.

Instead, she has become embroiled in controversy involving Ms Martha Boateng, owner of Kinani Floral, the decor company which services she used for her wedding.

Days after the wedding, Gifty called out Martha Boateng on Instagram asking her to refund some money or she would cause her arrest.

Then her manager, Stephen Kenneth Nakujah, also attacked the lady on Facebook calling her a liar, a fraud and one who also ruined Gifty’s marriage.

However, in an interview with Showbiz, Martha Boateng said Gifty Adorye wants to bully her because she was a celebrity, adding that the stories being peddled around were not true.

“She is lying, I don’t know why this woman wants to tarnish the image I have built over the years. Why would I want to ruin her marriage when she is someone I call ‘mummy’?” she asked.

According to her, “I did the decor for her engagement and on her wedding day but while we were working on her setup, we had challenges because the workers of one supplier were delaying, so I called their bossr to come over to supervise her boys.

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“Unfortunately, while working, I collapsed due to excessive stress and was rushed to the hospital. So it automatically meant the lady would take over because I have that kind of relationship with her. Sometimes, if any of us have an emergency to attend to, we step in for each other.

“When the other lady took over, she apparently added her own stuff to the decorations so when she was done, she gave an invoice to Gifty for payment but Gifty had already paid me for all the stuff I used for the work so she did not take kindly to that and I guess that brought about the whole issue,” she stated.

Martha said when Gifty contacted her about the new invoice, she tried explaining things to her but all the Gospel musician did was to threaten her.

“She just wouldn’t allow me explain things to her, she kept on threatening me, telling me how she would bring down my business, how she would show me pepper because she is Mrs Adorye etc, but you can’t blame her(Gifty) too, I am sure it is because of what the other lady said to her.

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“However, when the lady brought the invoice, what Gifty should have done was to refer her to me because she (Gifty) did not contract her.

“But she goes out painting the picture like I did not do anything but you can check my social media pages. I put videos of everything I did for her there so why?

‘She thinks I have no one; because she is in the limelight she wants to take advantage of that and bully me,” she told Showbiz.

“All I can say is that everything works out for our good. I just feel she was not fair to me even after telling me from the initial stage she would not pay for workmanship because she is a celebrity, I still went ahead to render my services. I gave the job my all and if this is how she intends to pay me then it is fine, I leave everything to

God but I want it on record that I do not owe Gifty Osei,” she added.

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Showbiz got in touch with Gifty Osei’s manager, Stephen Kenneth Nakujah yesterday, Wednesday January 16, who said the matter had been resolved.

“There is no issue again, everything has been settled so we are fine. Honestly, we have even paid off the lady who continued from where Martha stopped. On the wedding day, Martha left her bag and it has even been returned to her,” he stated.

Martha however refuted his claim saying she is yet to receive her bag. “My bag was seized and as we speak I do not have it after several attempts to get it and I even brought in my lawyer who says he is working on getting it for me.

“Yes they told me they had paid the lady but I cannot ascertain how true it is. And I don’t know of any resolution because if things have been worked out, then they should have posted on social media telling the whole world that the issue has been resolved just like they did when they called me out,” she said.


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