Ghanaians can’t wait as Ghana @61 trends

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, Ghana will turn 61 years since it attained independence on March 6, 1957 from British after close to a century of colonial rule.

Then Gold Coast, Ghana was the first Sub-Saharan African country to become independent on the back of Ghana’s first President and his Pan-African ethos, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

The celebration will be marked with the traditional march past and parade at the iconic Black Star Square.

It appears the feeling is already in the air with the herald of the 70th anniversary of the 28 February Christiansborg, Crossroad shooting.

The event which is celebrated every year to honour the three ex-servicemen who were killed in 1948 by the colonial police, while marching to the Osu Castle to present a petition to the then Bristish Governor, will see a lot of activities this year.

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  1. Citizen Chypz Amabley

    And you think we are happy in the mess.. Growing without any development.. And now robbery at its peak… How I wish I wasn’t from here.. Apuuuuu 61

  2. Abena Ford

    Na w3i y3 asem you can always go please

  3. Pee Rod Aim High

    61yrs of shithole Ghana..wawoooo

  4. Prince Nat

    Angry emoji is like Ghana flag

  5. RollorBar Mich

    We can’t wait to chop e moni some

  6. Oheneba Nana Kwame Frimpong

    Haaee leaders should stop this unnecessary celebration what are they celebrate?is it the bad roads corruption incompetent oh they should give us a break shit hole celebration

  7. Eric Aduaba Pa Cobby

    Shithole for 61…..kwasia nesm kwa

  8. Albino Black

    Apuuu, who is waiting for this child grown age kids country called ghana? A sick country ghana that has turn 61 meanwhile it behaves as if it is 2 years. A country without leaders, this #shithole country? I feel a shame to be a member of this shithole country ghana.

  9. Amrah Ashitey

    They should use that money to fix our deadly roads corrupt politicians . God is watching you all??????

  10. Slamzat Tune Oba Ghana

    Yes we can’t wait for the rubblish

  11. Franklin Young

    Who are these foolish ppl publishing this rubbish?

  12. Franklin Young

    Teens killing teens, hunger etc has taken over the country and u are here saying rubbish.