Ghana Airport Review: Ghana Airport Review: Which is the best airport in Ghana and why?

Ghana airport review: which is the best airport in Ghana and why?

Amongst the 7 airports in Ghana, Kotoka International Airport is the best and largest airport. And now with the addition of the ultra-modern terminal 3, how can you argue otherwise?


Ghana Airport Review: Which is the best airport in Ghana and why?


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The best airport in Ghana is without a doubt, is Kotoka International Airport, our premier international airport which houses both domestic and international airlines.

Airports are huge contributors to the socio-economic in countries. Citing a study by economist Richard Green, where he found a relationship between airport passengers and employment growth and metro population under controlled settings. He recorded a 10 per cent increase in airline passengers creates a 1 per cent increase in regional employment. This evidence, he furthered stated, confirmed the view that an important factor in urban economic development includes a good airline service.

Currently, Ghana has 7 airports in the country which cater to either international, domestic or both travels. All these airports operate under the Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL). They manage traffic, see to security, and provide leisure facilities for an exponential travel experience.

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Despite common knowledge that Kotoka International Airport is the best airport in Ghana. Let’s help the doubting Thomases to be to cure with a little educational comparison.

Kotoka International Airport


Formerly known as Accra International Airport, before it was renamed after Lieutenant General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka (former head of state: 1966-1969). As the first airport that was set up in during the Gold Coast era, it was originally used for military activities to aid the British during the World War II. After the war, it was overturned to civilian hands which saw developmental project changes. Including the addition of terminals and facilities to transform it into an airport.

As the largest airport in Ghana, it hosted about 2 million passengers in 2014. And with the addition of Terminal 3, which is estimated to hold a capacity of 5 million passengers in a year. As we can see, it will not be relinquishing its hold as the best and largest airport anytime soon.

Kumasi International Airport


Closely on the heels of Kotoka is the Kumasi International Airport. Although not yet open to international flights, facilities have been made available as talks with international airlines are also in motion. It would then officially be the second international airport to operate in the country.

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Located in the capital city of the Ashanti region, Kumasi. It enjoys its fair share of domestic traffic as Kumasi is a very popular and busy town with rich cultural heritage. The location of the airport has also contributed to the boost in tourism patronage in the area.

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Takoradi Airport

My third option would go to the Takoradi airport, which runs domestic flights from Accra to its capital, Sekondi-Takoradi. It also continues to serve as a military airfield for the Army, since its past days as a major stop for the US Army Air Forces Air Transport Command during times of the Trans-Africa Ferry Route. Now, this airport aids the Oil City in boosting its business activities and leisure opportunities.

Tamale Airport


The fourth best airport in Ghana goes to Tamale airport. This once military airfield now serves great civilian purposes transporting people over this great distance. The availability of an airport in the northern sector is a step towards achieving socio-economic growth in those remote parts of the country.

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Sunyani Airport

Although doormat for the past two years, the Sunyani Airport has duly played its part in the development of its township. Since July 1974, it has assisted in the socio-economic development of the farm belt sector of the country.

Wa Airport

Although, this is more of an airfield rather than an airport. For all the goodies it has brought to the township of Wa and its environs, it deserves a place on our list of best airports in Ghana. Despite its small size, it has diligently served the people of Wa.

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With this information at our fingertips, we crown Kotoka International Airport as the best airport in Ghana. And I believe this also sheds some light on why the south the country seems to enjoy more developmental projects. Hopefully, in the future we can upgrade airports all over the country to international status.


Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL)



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