Ghana is 61, so what? What are we celebrating?

By Samuel Ato Afful

My name is Samuel Ato Afful. I am a Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Communications Studies at the African University College of Communications (AUCC) in Accra, Ghana. I am also a Communications Specialist and a Life Coach.

On this day, Tuesday 6th March 2018, Ghana is celebrating 61 years of political independence. At least that’s the reason given for us to stay home (holiday). But I ask myself, what are we really celebrating as a nation?

Prior to this day, I asked a total of 61 people to tell me what they considered as the three most important things the country is celebrating (by way of achievements or priorities or perhaps assets).

Hmmm. Interestingly but not surprising, not even half of the respondents were able to tell me anything worth documenting as a feat. For the majority of my respondents, they only enjoy the day as they see it as another day to rest from work or school.

Some people seem to have decided not to have anything to do with finding out what the nation is celebrating.

I asked 50 staff of the Ministries (Accra) and not even one of them knew of the theme for this year’s celebrations. I asked 20 journalists or may be I should say, media practitioners, and again none knew of the theme for this year’s celebrations. Mind you, these 50 and 30 people, are not part of the 61 persons I spoke about earlier. No. You can imagine my disappointment as I interacted with these people.

So I asked myself that what at all are we celebrating? Is it a day to spend state resources to organise one or two programmes, and may be inflate the costs to enrich pockets? I’m only asking questions based on perceptions.

What really is the vision for Ghana? What do we expect our country to be in the next 5 to 10 to 20 to 50 to 100 years? Have we lost it already? Or we never had it in the first place?

What at all are we celebrating? 61 years. And so what? Something is not right somewhere.

Anyway, I believe we can all in our little corners, do the very least we can, to move this nation forward.

However, like they say “leadership is cause, everything else is effect”, so, someone must lead. That someone cannot just be a one man or woman or one institution. It’s a collective effort.

Enjoy your day and pray for Ghana because God loves this country dearly. Bless up. Still #Arlah1


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One comment

  1. Julius Afedi

    At least you have a website to post stupid things .
    Be thankful for that .
    You are asking as if you never celebrated a birthday.