French Surgeon allegedly molests over 200 children

A French Surgeon, identified as Dr Joel Le Scouarnec has been charged with the rape and sexual assault of four minors, according to reports, he may have molested close to 200 children, the prosecutors office said Monday.

The surgeon who been practicing for three decades in hospitals across central and western France, will go on trial in March 2020, for the rape of a neighbour’s daughter, sexual assault and indecent exposure.

Prosecutors say the first allegation dates back to 2017, when the parents of a six-year-old girl living in the southwestern town of Jonzac accused him of raping her. He’s also accused of raping a young relative, sexually assaulting another young relative and abusing a young patient.

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The second set of accusations comes after police found a diary in his house where he recorded sexually explicit details of his assaults and escapades with about 250 minors. In the diary he wrote down the names of the minors which helped police track down the victims and get their testimony.

Scouarnec’s lawyers claim the stories are mere fantasies but 184 people, 181 of whom were minors at the time of the alleged assaults, have filed formal complaints against him, in what could potentially be France’s biggest case of paedophilia. Police also found child pornography and sex toys in his house.

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“They remember perfectly well what they endured but never talked about it because they were afraid,” Francesca Satta, a lawyer for some of the former surgeon’s alleged victims, told AFP.

Scouarnec might be getting 20 years jail term, if convicted on the first set of charges.

Source: AFP


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