France government erects wall to stop migrants

The French government have erected a Donald Trump anticipated type of wall which is a 10ft high wall in Calais in a bid to stop migrants getting to Britain.

According to the country’s government, the wall was built to stop people smugglers who ‘take advantage’ of the plight of migrants.

But campaigners say it is ‘ugly and divisive’ and clearly meant to demonstrate that vulnerable people aren’t welcome. The wall has been constructed by a Total station in Calais, close to the ferry port where boats head off for England.

The area is said to be a key meeting point for people smugglers and migrants have police have come under attack from rocks while out on patrol.

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Local prefect Fabien Sudry said: ‘The construction of the wall is explained by the presence of migrants and people smugglers on this site.

He added the area was a place where criminals ‘meet and take advantage of this station near the port to get migrants on to trucks.’



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