Four ways to handle rejection as a woman

One of the hardest thing to handle as a woman is having been rejected by someone that you like so much, it sometimes can lead to depression or have a negative effect on any future relationship might want to keep.

1.Acknowledge the hurt

Emphasis is to be placed on acknowledge, so do not wallow in self-pity. No man is worth that, especially if he doesn’t want you. So just realise that you’re hurt and feel the pain, cry if you have to but only for a short while. Give it a few hours and then get up and dust it off.

2.Get the lessons

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Go over it in your head for a bit, just to understand why and what you might have done wrong. Were you getting too clingy or were you not giving enough attention. Sometimes, you did absolutely nothing wrong, so leave room for that possibility too. Learn from your actions and move on.
3.Get busy

Don’t just sit and feel bad about what went wrong when and all that, get up and get on with your life. Actively do things that make you happy, have fun and meet new people. Keeping your life full of meaningful activities will help you forget about him in no time.
Don’t get awkward

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Okay, this is very important. The next time you see a guy who rejected you, you’ll be tempted to hide or avoid him, don’t! Say hi with a friendly beautiful smile on your face, do a casual catch up and move on. If he brings it up and tries to apologise, brush it off as not a big deal and move on.

4. Don’t let it hold you down

Rejection only has as much power over you as you give it. People are different and like different things, so it has nothing to do with you. Don’t let rejection from someone you like define who you are or how you see yourself. Move on to the next thing and keep enjoying your life.

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