Football lawmakers give fresh update on using VAR for offside calls

Lukas Brud, the general secretary of football’s lawmakers, the International Football Association Board (IFAB), has insisted that “offside is offside” when VAR technology is being used “even if it is only a centimetre”.

Eight goals have been ruled out on marginal offside calls since Christmas Day in the Premier League.

And Brud seemed to suggest earlier this week, that referees in England were implementing VAR incorrectly on offside, by not using the “clear and obvious” qualification and being “too forensic”.

However, he has clarified his remarks, insisting that the decision must be based on the result of the technology and not be subjective.

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“If the images with calibrated lines and the perpendicular line show that there is an offside position, the video assistant should continue to report,” Brud told

“Even if it is only a centimetre. Offside is offside.”

Brud, who ruled out any “tolerance limit” or “margin of error” being applied to offside, said that he only spoke to reference the principle of the “clear, obvious mistake”.

He added: “The point is that the video assistant must quickly understand whether there is an offside. He should not line up every minute for every perspective.”


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